Organic marzipan, sweetened with honey, 100 g – 12.5 kg

Product description

Prepared from organic blanched sweet almonds and organic honey

Chemical and physical specification

Almond content/ dry matter apprx. 50%
Added saccharose due to honey content, assessed at 17% H2O: max. 35%
Water content 15,0 +/- 1%
Calorific value/100g 474 kcal, 2005 kJ, 1 bread exchange=30g

Microbiological specification

Total germ count/g max. 5000
Yeasts and moulds/g <100
Enterobacteriacae/g <100
E.Coli/0,1g neg.
Osmotolerant yeasts/50g nrg.
The goods are corresponidng to the current aflatoxine limit regulations in foods.

Senory assessment

Smell clean, freshly and without foreign smell
Taste clear, honey taste, without foreign taste
Appearance soft brown to beige
Consistency medium hard, elastic, no crystals
Foreign matter free from foreign matter and any contaminations


Optionally: blocs in PVDC-free foil á 100g to 12.5Kg with private label in cardboard box packing.


Air moisture max. 70%
Temperature max. 18 18 degree celsius
Oscillations in temperature shall be avoided


The product complies with the German “Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände Gesetz (LMBG)” and all other relevant regulations being effective in the FRG.
All ingredients stem from organic cultivation according to the EU-Bio-regulation 2092/91. The honey was produced according to the guidelines of organic apiculture corresponding to the EU-Organic Animal-Regulation 1804/99.